Quality PvM

Experience quality PvM while being rewarded for taking on tougher challenges.

  1. Chambers of Xeric
  2. Theatre of Blood (In development)
  3. Inferno
  4. Nightmare

Exciting PvP

Fight in exciting player-vs-player matches to show your skills against your opponents.

  1. Revenant Caves
  2. PK Tournament
  3. Last Man Standing
  4. Wilderness Events

Group Content

Partake in exciting group content and unique events hosted by the staff.

  1. Bosses
  2. Duel Areana
  3. Group ironman
  4. Minigames



  • Do I need to register an account on the website to login? No, just log in!

    Will there be release events held? Yes, we will be doing around Osrs giveaways of 50-100m weekly during release period.

    Will there be any pre-release events held? Yes, we are doing an invite competition in the Discord. So be sure to invite all your friends to our Discord! 

    Is there a plan for updates post release? We have many updates in our backlog which are planned for after the release.

    What operating system will I be able to play Scapeplay on? Any

    Will the release date be changed? As mentioned, if deemed necessary the date could change.

    - Scapeplay management

  • Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you all on the release!

Official Events

    Hiscores event!? More info in the Discord!

    Last Man Standing Events! More Info in the Discord!

    Discord Invite Competition! More info in the Discord! 

    Largest Monthly Donator Competition! More info in the Discord

    Largest monthly voter! More info in the Discord

    - Scapeplay management

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Scapeplay LAUNCH Events and Contests!

Hey everyone!   There will be highscores contests aswell as tournaments with amazing prizes! check Discord for Events!

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