About Scapeplay

Scapeplay is a OSRS With, amazing pvp and pvm events and rewards, tons of minigames, gambling zones, Custom items. Scapeplay with its amazing combat system is the best place to practice osrs boss fights, pvp and minigames, with a unique game experiance!




 I am glad to announce the release date of Scapeplay will be 29/07/2022

The Scapeplay staff team is very enthusiastic for everyone to be able to play, the quality of the server is top amazing.

Friday 29th July


Do I need to register an account on the website to login? No!, Just log in with an available Username: https://Scapeplay.com/

Will there be release events held? Yes, we will be doing around Osrs gp giveaways weekly during release period.

Will there be any pre-release events held? Yes, we are doing an invite competition in the Discord. So be sure to invite all your friends to our Discord! 

Is there a plan for updates post release? We have many updates in our backlog which are planned for after the release.

What operating system will I be able to play Scapeplay on? Any

Will the release date be changed? As mentioned, if deemed necessary the date could change.

Is there any sneak peek media of the server? Yes, join the Discord here to check it out.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you all on the release!

- Scapeplay management

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